I´ve added two photos at the US branch of the family tree.

There are members of Porvaznik family at the first photo. PA State Constable Rick Porvaznik is at the second one.

Milan Mihaľko


This is the start of the slovak version of the family tree.

Milan Mihaľko


I´ve added some dates to the slovak branch related to Michal Porvažník, * 27.8.1929 (thank you Stanislav Porvažník, Žilina, Slovakia).

Milan Mihaľko


I´ve just started to build the US branch of the family tree. You can find Michal Porvažník´s second wife Anna and children from US - Michael (+ his children), Frank, George, Mary and Joseph.

Milan Mihaľko


Hallo everybody,

We´ve just prepared the family tree of Michael Porvaznik (Michal Porvažník) from Brekov for family members. Thanks to Rick Porvaznik, who has given us an impuls to make the family tree. We hope the family tree will be growing as we intend. (And probably this site bring closer family members from both sides of The Atlantic Ocean.)

Peter & Milan Mihaľko

The Family Tree

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